Tushar Moutains

The Tushar Mountains (known as the Beaver Mountain by the locals) offer some spectacular riding. Easy access to these trails from the resort via Bullion Canyon or Beaver Creek Canyon.

Some of our favorative rides:
77 Trail loop up Cottonwood Canyon then back down Bullion Canyon. This trail tops out a 11,400 ft and offers everything from riding next to pastures along the Sevier River all the way up to alpine riding above tree line. There are lots of side trails to explore along the way.

01 Trail to Big John Flat going up Beaver Creek Canyon then straight over the top of Tushars at nearly 12,000 ft then down into large meadows surrounded by pine trees. This ride is generally and out and back.

01 Trail to Fremont Indian State via the Kimberly road. This trail takes you up the mountain then back down through a spectacular canyon to I-70 and the Fremont Indian State Park. Those with 50" machines should consider the Max Reid Trail on this ride as it goes to the same place but in a more spectacular fashion.

Staying in Marysvale puts you right in the middle of so many great things to see and do.

Waterfalls: There are three waterfalls within 10 miles of Pine Creek Cabins. Bullion Falls requires a short hike but is worth every step.

Old Mining: The Tushar Mountains are famous for mining activity in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Miners Park is a wonderful self-guided mining museum.

Indian heritage: The rock shop on the way to Dry Creek Canyon has some really neat souveniers and they are always excited to show you some nicely preserved petroglyphs. The Fremont Indian State Park is also an educational place to visit.

River rafting: The Sevier River offers some very fun rafting options including 3 miles of class 2 rapids.

Fishing: Several of the lakes are stocked with fish including a tremendous cutthroat fishery at Manning Meadows and a lake trout fishery at Fish Lake

Biking: The 15.8 mile paved Candy Mountain Express Bike Trail follows part of the route of the former Marysvale Line of the Deniver & Rio Grande Western Railroad.  

We are always happy to help you set up an itenary to meet the desires of your group. We had a group stay 10 straight days last season and said they needed to come back because there is still more to see!

Other Great Things to See

Trails in the Monroe Mountains are easily accessed from the resort via Trail 02 then beautiful Dry Creek Canyon.

Generally the Monroe Mountains are more flat on top than the Tushar Mountains and offer great chances to see deer and elk. Lots of large meadows and sweeping vistas await you here. There are miles and miles of trails to explore once on top.

A couple of our favorite things to see there:

Barney and Manning Meadows Lakes both are around 10,000 ft with easy access. Those with 50" machines may consider continuing to the top of the mountain behind Barney Lake to enjoy views of the entire Sevier Valley.

Monroe Peak puts you on top of the world with spectacular views in every direction. The views of the Tushar mountains are spectacular. Makes a great loop ride back through the town of Monroe.

Forshea Moutain offers another great loop option that puts you on top of the main ridge where you have amazing views for miles of riding.

Monroe Mountains